Tariq Hussain, Esq.
Chairman of the Board and Executive Director.

Tariq Hussain, Esq. is the managing partner at Bervann Capital. In 2011, Tariq left a well-paying job at a law firm in Manhattan with dreams of doing bigger things. That same year, Tariq co-founded a nonprofit organization from scratch addressing poverty relief, food insecurity and other areas in New Jersey. The SMILE Organization was launched from Tariq’s house with a budget of under $10,000. In just seven years, SMILE Organization has become one of the largest social services organizations in New Jersey with an annual budget of $1 million. Tariq is also an attorney by profession and co-founder of Hussain & Khan LLP in 2012. Tariq practiced in the areas of corporate and nonprofit law in addition to civil rights law. His search for bigger things also led him to establish multiple successful businesses in the real estate sector. In 2018, Tariq committed to the Vision and Mission of Bervann Foundation which is the culmination of his own passion, ideas, expertise and experiences.

Val NzhieBoard
Member and Director of Development.

Val Nzhie is the Vice-President, Capital Raising and Investors Relations at Bervann Capital. Val is a citizen of Cameroon, residing in New York. Val is currently on assignment to launch the company’s branch in Greenwich, Connecticut. At 25 years old, Val founded an educational program that assisted thousands of local students from Cameroon to study in reputable colleges and universities in Europe and North America, with the #DaringGoal to return home, help build and develop Africa. At 30 years old, Val moved to New York and launched a Connect company that facilitates young professionals’ integration in the challenging New York City through access to housing, information, new technology and getting plugged within a community; in 7 years, the company has assisted over 9,000 young professionals from all over the US + Oversea countries. As a natural outcome, Val was asked to serve as Chairman of the MYP – Manhattan Young Professionals. At 35 years old, Val was promoted Vice-President of Bervann Capital, where he runs the Capital Raising and Investors Relations division. Val was recently appointed Lead Organizer of the BIPO 2018 (Business – Investments – Partnerships – Opportunities Forum) which is an exclusive international meeting of the minds, bringing together the Top 5 financial institutions of each African country, to present and discuss specific, tangible opportunities in the continent, with/to prospective U.S. and international institutional and private investors. Feeling beyond blessed at 36 years old, Val is dedicating his free time, his professional platform and available resources to work towards #GivingBack to bring opportunities to under privileged areas in Africa and around the world. His devotion and commitment to Bervann Foundation’s Vision and Mission are Limitless.

Joel Dominique Nkoa Eloundou
Board Member and Director of Operations.

Joel Dominique Nkoa Eloundou is a tech executive in Montreal, Canada. Joel is a Canadian who was born and raised in Cameroon, Africa. In 2003, after his high school diploma in Yaounde, Cameroon, Joel left Africa to study Engineering in Canada, where he graduated in Electrical Engineering with specialization in Information Technology. With 15 years under his belt in North America, Joel has worked for small, medium and large Canadian corporations in technology and telecommunications; Joel also serves as Consultant at Bervann Sports Management, a US sports management company that supports US and international athletes in the areas of Brand and Philanthropy management, current and post-career financial and business planning. But Joel never forgot where he came from, he’s very active within the African and international community in Montreal, and has always shown a strong interest in taking up new challenges to create a positive social impact on society.

Shahroz Ahmad
Foundation Ambassador.

Shahroz is a law student at Rutgers Law School, entering his final year. He worked at Warner Bros. Records, directly assisting the director of business and legal affairs. Shahroz also serves as a Consultant for music and entertainment affairs at Bervann Entertainment, a global music agency which aims to bridge the gap between US and international artists. Sharoz is also an American rapper, singer, songwriter, and recording artist. As an up and coming artist, he gained recognition after legendary DJ Funkmaster Flex shared his single “Won’t Change” Featuring Joe Budden. He released his debut album “No Rose Without Thorns” in 2017 which is available for streaming on Apple Music, Spotify, Tidal, and most major retailers. Shahroz has recently been featured on The New New York official Apple Music playlist which showcases emerging hip-hop artists in the New York area. He has worked with charitable organizations such as Islamic Relief and SMILE Organization. With those organizations, he performed and developed creative projects to raise funds for causes such as building water wells along the horn of Africa and providing resources for local food pantries. With his dedication to giving back, Shahroz serves as Foundation’s ambassador in helping to raise awareness for many of its important causes.

Sannia Qazi
Chief Consultant.

Sannia Qazi has been employed by some of the largest nonprofit organizations throughout her career. Most recently, she worked as a strategy associate at Open Society Foundations (OSF), which was founded by George Soros. During her time at OSF, Sannia was a lead officer for the OSF Women’s Rights Program. Her duties included refining theories of change, refining the results framework and establishing protocol for monitoring and evaluating grantees. Sannia also designed organizational survey for a $67 million fund to study the extent to which the reserve funds enables dynamic and responsive grantmaking. Sannia’s main area of focus in the nonprofit sector is monitoring and evaluation, which looks closely at measuring impact of programs. Sannia’s experience in this area is critical to the Foundation’s Vision and Mission. Sannia has a passion for sincerity in the work being done for the people. She is unwavering in her commitment to help the people and does not compromise in her principles whatsoever.
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