Operational Overview

The Foundation shall operate as a hybrid direct services/grantmaking organization which will raise funds in the U.S. and worldwide. The Foundation will establish a sister organization in the impact areas through which it will perform the direct services outlined above. At the same time, the Foundation will issue requests for proposals (RFPs) to other organizations for projects that are in line with its Vision and Mission.

A fundamental objective of the Foundation is to make a measureable social impact in the areas targeted by its Vision and Mission. The Organization aims to eliminate charitable waste and inefficient distribution of funding. This will be achieved by first conducting a scoping analysis and needs assessment before issuing RFP or instituting any direct services. Further, for each program in the Foundation’s portfolio and every grant given by the Foundation, there will be a very strict monitoring and evaluation protocol to measure impact. The philosophy of the monitoring and evaluation will be to raise the voices of those affected by the Foundation’s programs so they are heard. The Foundation will rigorously use the analytics to adjust, evolve, reshape, or tweak its programs and grants to ensure that it’s working efficiently and working for the people.

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