Program Overview

Imagine, for a moment, a place in Africa that is designed from the ground up as an incubator for the most creative local minds, equipped with a diverse toolkit, to innovate the best ideas to solve the region’s worst problems. The end result is an evidenced-based methodology towards creative solutions that empower the downtrodden, create wealth for the poor/working class, expand local economies, and create opportunity for all.

It would be a center of knowledge and intellectual delight reminiscent of Africa’s own glorious past like the Library of Sankore and other marvels from African history.

The Foundation hopes to accomplish the following:

  • Empower the brightest local minds through a fellowship program;
  • Allow the development of ideas to come organically from within the region;
  • Facilitate the development and implementation of those ideas;
  • Establish social entrepreneurship models; and
  • Achieve ends that are self-sustaining and everlasting.

The section below depicts a more specific breakdown of the above in the #AfricaMomentum program. Everything the Foundation does is based on a needs assessment and focuses primarily on ideas and solutions originating from the impacted region itself. Therefore, the actual implementation of the Foundation’s programs may differ from the specifics listed below. We provide a glimpse of what the program may look like as a more concrete example.


The Foundation is working to secure a land lease for a 2,000 acres property in Cameroon (“the Parcel”). The Parcel will become the base where the Foundation’s programmatic agenda will be carried out. During Phase 1, the Foundation will make its key focus on educational programs and needs assessment.

Education will be a theme that carries on throughout this program and the Foundation’s portfolio of programs. Early in the process, the Foundation will work to establish a fellowship program that brings the best and brightest minds of Africa to the Parcel. Once there, the young minds will have the opportunity to learn from global mentors, do hands-on training, experience each other’s company and ideas, and begin formulating their own projects and solutions.

Meanwhile, the Foundation will start working on a needs assessment analysis conducted by experienced consultants and/or organizations to elucidate the most pressing needs of the people (such as housing, healthcare, access to water, etc.) and potential solutions. The process will put an emphasis on inclusion of local voices needing to be heard.

The Foundation fellows will have the opportunity to study the results of the needs assessment and prepare ideas, inventions, projects and programs that will address those needs. The fellows with the best and brightest ideas will receive a grant from the Foundation to implement their ideas.


Phase 2 will be heavily focused on building. The Foundation hopes to establish facilities that will bolster its objectives. Some potential facilities include vocational training center, laboratory for scientific research, auditorium for lectures, facilities specific to agricultural technology (such as vertical farming), clean energy projects, etc.

The educational fellowship program from Phase 1 will continue. The Foundation will also begin to seed social entrepreneurial projects led by illumined, local minds.

All projects will be based on an evidence and needs based analysis. The idea will be to create an atmosphere where transformation can happen in a way that creates a meaningful, long-term, social impact.


The next phase will see a growth in education, development and entrepreneurial endeavor. The fellowships will continue enlightening more and more minds from around Africa. Many of the fellowship alumni will remain with the Parcel innovating on more projects or educating incoming fellows. Other alumni will return to their home countries or travel to other places with new projects that will affect change in those regions. All together the network of alumni will always remain connected as one, singular mastermind that will provide assistance and support to each one of its members.

The facilities will include other aspects of arts and culture including a theater, music studio, sports arena and training facilities, etc.

Finally, the entrepreneurial endeavors that the Foundation seeded early on will start becoming established companies that will give back and provide sustenance to the Foundation’s projects. The long-term goal is a self-sustaining, illuminated, innovative, technologically advanced establishment. It aims to transform the local region and subsequently impact the world.


Many are drawn to Africa’s beauty and natural habitat. Tourists from around the world journey to this incredible continent to experience its wonder and see its plight.
Rich with cultures, wild animals, tropical rainforests, economies, and history.

  • Second largest continent in the world.
  • Estimated Population: 877 million people.
  • Poorest continent in the world.
  •  70% of its population survives on less than $2 a day.
  • Disease and famine kills millions of its people each year.
  • The most basic of education is denied to a large percentage of its children.

Despite Africa’s natural beauty it includes fifteen of the least developed nations in the world.


In sum, the #AfricaMomentum program aims to be an extension of the Foundation’s overall vision to raise unheard voices and facilitate the transformation of the local landscape by and through the people locally. The actual look and feel of that vision may be different in its specifics compared to what is highlighted above. The Foundation aims to be fluid rather than rigid in its approach allowing the programs and projects to evolve with the needs of the region.

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